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The celebration is about to commence, while the photography was saved in a camera. In the wake of it all, a relaxed and fun event is still to play its part. Family or friends will anticipate to socialize and feast. We at Fork and Nice will pride ourselves in making the occasion a memorable experience.

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~ Kiddies Parties ~ Potjie Kos ~ Private Parties ~ Picnics ~  Social get together ~ Birthday Parties ~ 

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Service we provide

Service we provide
Food & Drink

Food & Beverages

Elegant cuisine with sunset cocktails

A great event depends on delectable food served with equally paired beverages that's been artistically put together.   If mixed drinks are your preference, Fork and Nice can create an array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages including smoothies, milkshakes, sangria, infused tea, margaritas, mojitos, and other delicious trendy themed drinks.

Perfect atmosphere

Decor and additional services we offer

From the visual cues and presentation that enhance the appeal of the food, so does our decor team ensure that your guests have been indulged with their eyes before they are delighted by our flavors. We at Fork and Nice understand how to design the subtle details that creates a total sensory experience, one that lends itself to creating memorable experiences.  We understand that a unified design and stylish food is what makes the sensory experience seamless.

Waiters working

Full package

Added services and staffing solutions

Let us introduce you to our event team at Fork and Nice. We are always ready to coordinate the entertainment, decor, transportation and more.  With our dedicated team you can now consider an outdoor celebration for the grandest affair or the most intimate engagement party or turn it onto a cocktail function.  We will even plan an elegant tented dinner for a 40th birthday or engagement party.  

Featured event

Mia & David's wedding

Mia & David

Mia & David’s Celebration

Services provided

As this will be one of the most important events of your life, your wedding day may be the most exciting event that you will remember. We pay as much attention to your wedding dreams as we would for the most important event ever held. When reflecting back upon your wedding day, that left you feeling satisfied long after the sights, sounds, and aromas have faded, a fond memory will remain of a our great performance.

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